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Huggies "Little Ducky" JWT Commercial

JWT New York's new "Little Ducky" for Huggies Super Premium Wipes directed by Rocky Morton. A very sweet spot driven by the cinematography and music.

Prank On School Nurses Goes Horribly Wrong

Want to see more? Go behind-the-scenes of my videos at *UPDATE 5/17/14: Boy do I hate how poorly edited this video is. Coulda been 4 minutes max. Oh well, at least it shows that I've learned how to edit properly over ...

How to cheat on any test

Shirts: Website: Live: As an homage to some of our favorite tricks, heres an old one that has been around for ages but some of you ...

School Prank-Missing Contact Lens

So, in both my Spanish and Pre-calc class. i got bored. And when i have a camera and i'm bored. some crzy stuff happens. BTW, the teachers are both subs.

Hilarious-Donald Duck Prank Calls Someone

Jay, a donald duck impersonater, calls a girl that I met at the movies and never remembered to call. I knew she wouldnt recognize the number so I didnt block it, thats how she figured out my name... This video is freakin funny. Some of it is hard to ...

Little Girl MERENGUE Dancing- Cute

Little Girl MERENGUEDancing



WKUK - Kicking People

From season 2 of Whitest Kid U Know on IFC. Go watch it now.

Samuel L Jackson prank calls

Samuel l jackson prank calls a pizza palour

how pilots SHOULD talk!

give the dudes on the plane a little worning before storming the cockpit.

Prank Calls Ft. Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Pisses A Bunch Of People, Off See How They React To this Hilarious Prank Call

WKUK - Nail Gun

From Season 2 Episode 5

WKUK - Be A Cop

From Season 2 Episode 2

WKUK - You Can See Me

From Season 2 Episode 2

WKUK - The Never Song

From Season 2 Episode 2

Funny prank call- "The Elevator".

-CLICK ON MY CHANNEL TO LISTEN TO MORE OF THESE PRANK CALLS!- I have 60 of these prank calls on my computer, if i get enough subscribers and/or positive feedback, ill start posting more. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! All rights reserved. ©2003 ...

School Pranks jun b.. hiligaynon


vortex motorsport office monkey

we decided to have a good laugh on morning to lighten up the day around the shop. Enjoy

Funny prank call- "Multiplex morons"

-CLICK ON MY CHANNEL TO LISTEN TO MORE OF THESE PRANK CALLS!- If you like this video, please comment and/or suscribe, if i get enough subscribers ill start posting move, i have 60 of them on my computer, and ill post more if i get positive ...

Prank call gone HORRIBLY wrong!!

Part 2 - Wife plays a cruel joke on husband for Kanye West tickets for Valentine's Day. She has to tell him that their son is not really his to win the tickets. She has to get him to tell ...

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